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by May 27, 2018Blog, Video Production, Website Video

You might have already commissioned the best video production company in Bristol or the best video production company in Somerset and your business video looks great, except that no one is watching it?!

Of course, but don’t worry you’re not the only one, every one of us has been there. Luckily the solution is easy and accessible, all you need to do is optimise your video on YouTube and Google.

We will help you in this process by giving you the basics:
1. Establish your keywords. By studying your target audience you can find the words or phrases they use when they search on Google or YouTube for your specific services
2. Add your keywords to your video script, mention it a few times if possible

3. Name your file as your keyword and embed this into your file’s meta tag area, as well as your video’s thumbnail file name.
4. Fill out the video’s title and description section when uploading your video to YouTube. Both should have your chosen keyword in it, but make sure you are not overloading it. It is a good idea to list the link to your website at the top of the description so it can be used even without watching the video.
5. Build your channel, create videos and you will become a trusted authority and Google and YouTube will reward you for it.

There are more things you have to do to increase views, like sharing your video on social networks and nurturing your audience, but that’s where things get complicated.

If you need help from our professional consultants please get in touch today and we will be more then happy to find the best video marketing strategy your business needs.

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