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by May 22, 2018Blog, Video Production, Website Video

In order to get your video in front of your targeted audience first you have to focus on becoming an authority for your field on YouTube. That means creating content regularly, produce a video offering valuable information to your audience, getting natural likes, shares, develop and nurture a subscribers base, an email list.

Days are gone when with one keyword targeted video you could get to the first page of Google, it becomes more and more difficult, now it takes hard work and effort, persistence and creativity, and that what YouTube wants and will promote.

The most important part of your videos for YouTube channel is WATCH TIME. You can have the most sophisticated tools, equipment or design, if the video is not relevant to the viewer they very soon will turn away, and that can actually hurt your views.

As an example, if you are targeting viewers looking for a service and they are ready to act, like “garages in Taunton” or “inventory clerk in Bristol” then it is ok to make a sales video, however when you are making efforts to create a mailing list, grow your subscribers base, or want to bring people to a specific landing page for your video, you have to give valuable information, be relevant and prove knowledge. The best way to do this is by creating how to videos, explainer videos, product presentation.

Although this will not bring you immediate profit, it will show Google and YouTube that people watch your video, they subscribe and share or make comments and this way they will promote your video, they will trust you are an authority in the matter.

When you are planing to make website videos you must ask your self what your target audience is looking for? It is more likely that at this stage they are looking for information, inspiration or motivation and it is hardly like they would be sold by a sales video.


It is that simple. Find out what your audience wants, produce videos, grow your channel, get social and your hard work will be rewarded.

If you want to have a YouTube channel and videos for your business, that can actually bring you views and help you grow your business, bring in sales, get in touch with us right now.

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