Our most complete service will take you to the next level of your business. This is a full-service advertising, marketing, internet hosting service that specialises in media negotiation, new media creation, video production and internet marketing. Our goal is to get you to the “hot spot” to attract more “buyers” — people who are searching for precisely the products or services you offer.

Our unique structure and multi-discipline talent pool enable us to construct a truly individual marketing program for every client. We have no agenda, except to build brands for the inside out and meet our client’s objectives and needs.


We drive high-quality traffic to your website to help you realise a significant return on your investment (ROI). Video Production ONE can help you tap into the huge amount of traffic from popular search engines such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing. Beyond these we can also help you attract the traffic from many other websites that are relevant to your products or services and so may share in the same target audiences and markets!

There are many ways we will work with you; we will take on a specific role focused on a narrow set of goals and tasks over a short period of time, or we can take on a long-term business relationship aimed at realising long-term business objectives. Also there may be various strategic arrangements we can explore between these two points. Regardless of the arrangement you desire, we will be working hard to ensure that you attain the business objectives you have set.

Keeping It Real!
While it may be easy and even fashionable to promise you the sun, the moon and the stars, when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO) we need to set the correct expectations. SEO may not be “rocket surgery”, but neither is it easy. Search engines are constantly weeding out web spam and tactics that result in too much growth, too soon.

For these reasons there is no single, “one-size-fits-all” approach to effective SEO. The SEO solution for you needs to be a customised search marketing campaign suited to your specific business requirements.

Contact us today to discuss the specifics of YOUR internet marketing campaign.